Perth Railway Station Building, Western Australia: 2013-14

LightPlan was engaged by Hart Architects to assist their client Public Transport Authority of Western Australia (PTA) to develop interpretive lighting treatments to the south-facing building facades. The Perth Railway Station Building is built in the Victorian free-classical style. Located on its Wellington Street forecourt, the south-facing facade forms a northern close to the Forrest Place/Murray St Mall quadrant. Constructed of red brick with stucco decorations, with a length of over 100 metres, the Perth Railway Station is considered worthy of a greater nighttime presence.

Lighting Concept: Perth Railway Station 3D photo-realistic light rendering of possible lighting treatments.

After conducting both daytime and night-time site visits, identifying primary and secondary view corridors, our observations and analysis lead to noting the opportunities and constraints to implementing an overall lighting design. Recommendations with preliminary budget estimates were considered for lighting treatments to enable a number of night-time interpretations for the client to consider.


East Wing example indicating parapet and pediment
highlighted; upper window surrounds and mouldings with
subtle warm tones; upward wall-washing to lower level with
windows unlit.


West Wing example indicating upper window surrounds
and mouldings with stronger white tones; upward wallwashing
to lower level with windows lit from within.

View Corridors during the conceptual design stage, primary and secondary view corridors were considered and agreed. This knowledge is important when deciding on the level of brightness and complexity of the lighting design in a particular area; it is also important in the allocation of available capital funding.


The Pedestrian View considers how a person approaching the bulding on foot would percieve the intended lighting treatments and how effective they are in terms of aesthetics and value for money.


Options the parapet in this 3D photo-realistic light rendering is lit with warm-white light as distinct from the first image where the parapet is lit with cool-white light.