Old East Perth Power Station, Western Australia: 2005-2006

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (then called EPRA) commissioned LightPlan to design, document and oversee the installation of a permanent night-time interpretation of key building facades and structures as seen from primary viewing corridors. Creative lighting treatments to art deco architectural influences, juxtaposed with the adjacent coal-handling plant, served to ensure the heritage-listed power station once again would "glow with vitality and promise".


The lighting concept is revealed through a narrative that interprets aspects of the original industrial process, while the grand scale and architectural character of the buildings are visually reinforced.

Blue light represents the notion that cool-temperature water from the adjacent Swan River was drawn into the power station as a crucial component of the electricity generating process.


060823_epps_coal_crusher_website.jpg060823_epps_east_website.jpgRed light is introduced at higher elevations to interpret the rise in temperature within the turbine hall. Red light is also applied to the adjacent coalhandling structures to reinforce the notion that coal has latent heat within.