Ore Car Brake Inspection Annex, BHPB Iron Ore, Nelson Point, Western Australia

During 2014 LightPlan was recommended by BHPB Iron Ore to the successful annex tenderer Allshelter to prepare interior layouts for general lighting and emergency exit lighting using LED luminaires to a new Ore Car Brake Inspection Annex.

It was agreed that supplementary portable task lighting would be required on occasions when inspecting beneath ore cars.

This is a cyclonic area. The annex is exposed to the weather at both ends, therefore suspending luminaires via chains and pendants was not an option.

boodarie_annex_final_emerg_end_view_perspective_revb.jpg  boodarie_annex_final_end_view_perspective_revb.jpg













LightPlan typical scope of work was as follows...

  • Review client WAIO Standards, Lighting & Small Power Equipment, Lighting Design and Application, to ascertain the appropriate light-technical parameters.
  • Refer to client Approved Electrical Instrument Equipment, to ascertain if a luminaire in the standard listing is appropriate for this project; review a client preferred LED highbay luminaire in terms of being fit for purpose, and if deemed necessary select a suitable alternative.
  • Prepare a compliant interior lighting layout to include a plan of calculated results and verification; luminaire brand and cat #; luminaire quantity and locations including mounting heights; a supply only budget estimate.
  • Issue a fit-for-purpose cyclone-resistant luminaire mounting bracket design